We Design Sails That Allow You To Just Enjoy The Sea

Our sails are constructed to the highest level of durability and performance using sailcloth from leading suppliers

Every sail whether for cruising or racing purposes, will be individually designed inshore or offshore by You and our experienced designer in our sail loft in Phuket

worldwide best custom sailmakers inshore and offshore company in phuket thailand

South East Asia Sails the regions and worlds best leading sailmakers for Inshore and Offshore Cruising Sails we design every sail whether for cruising or racing purposes individually with You

south-east asia sails continuously reviewed and developed the sail design and production process for successfully produced Your requirements and goals
South East Asia Sails use a combination of high-quality material, modern and efficient sail loft to be the highly skilled sailmaker that's our key to providing high standard products to the best possible price to quality ratio

Nothing compares to the freedom of gliding across the water to the soundtrack of wind & waves.

This is why we make sails.

We are a team of sailors, sail designers and sailmakers who have come together to focus our experiences, skills, and love of sailing on providing quality and high-performance cruising sails.

With, collectively, over 60 years experience we aim to keep the spirit of sailing in all we do and make our mark by providing the best service, quality, and value for money. Based out of our sail loft in Phuket, Thailand we export to our customers across the globe.

For more information please contact us directly or use our online instant quote calculator to compare for Yourself.

We are a newly emerging Southeast Asian sailmaking company based in Phuket Thailand, the sailing yacht ...

Our team of designers and sailmakers jointly have over 50 years’ experience. As a company ...

Durable, lightweight and strong, our catamaran trampolines are built for both racing and leisurely cruising.

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