Tenderly 10 Dinghy Kit By Chesapeake Light Craft

NEW DESIGN: MAY 2017! Here's a beautiful 10-foot lapstrake dinghy that's capable, handy, rugged, and easy to build. She'll carry the groceries out to the mothership and tows without fuss. She's a first-class daysailer, and can be rowed long distances.

Lots of info and photos here: http://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/wooden-sailboat-kits/tenderly-dinghy.html

Tenderly is ten feet long, 52" wide, and will handle a 425-pound payload. The traditional interior includes floorboards and scuppered inwales. Rigged with a large, efficient balanced lug sail, she's sporty and responsive on all points. She also rows well with one, two, or three passengers, and moves nicely with a 2hp outboard.

We spent the winter trialling a matched pair of these and the CLC staff took to quarreling over who gets to go sailing. For pure fun in small boats, this is about as good as it gets.

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