South East Asia Sails - About Us

We are a newly emerging sailmaker with a wealth of experience, Mike Tasker and team have collectively over 50 years experience. From our loft in Phuket Thailand, the sailing yacht centre of southeast Asia, we specialize in well-made quality cruising sails that we export to our customers across the globe.

Thanks to modern technology we design and make sails to your specifications whilst keeping you updated no matter where you are; Australia, America, Europe and/or Asia.


South East Asia Sails (SEAS) uses Prosail sail design software and plotter. As an integral part of the sailmaking process it allow us to see in 3D the sail and understand the aerodynamic force exerted, thus improving on the performance of the sail.


SEAS employs an expert team of sailmakers and designers, all of whom are amateur sailors themselves. We use both traditional and modern methods to ensure that in addition to its performance, your sail is esthetically pleasing.

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