Cruise Sails

When looking for all-around strength and good value Dacron is the sailcloth of choice. Due to its longevity and resilience to most types of wear, this sailcloth is the most widely used. The sails are virtually unaffected by bending and folding forces, and are resistant to chafe which is convenient when it comes to overlapping genoas.

Nylon Spinnaker cloth is light weight and strong and when used in combination with the other sails will give you added down wind speed.

For this reason South East Asia Sails specializes in the manufacturing of Dacron cross-cut and radial sails and Nylon Spinnakers and Code 0s.


  • Crosscut Semi Full Batten Mainsail
  • Crosscut Full Batten Mainsail
  • Crosscut Furling Mainsail
  • Radial cut Semi Full Batten Mainsail
  • Radial cut Full Batten Mainsail
  • Radial cut Furling Mainsail


  • Crosscut Furling Genoa
  • Crosscut Hank-On Genoa
  • Crosscut Jib
  • Triradial Furling Genoa
  • Triradial Hank-On Genoa
  • Triradial Jib


  • Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • Symmetrical Spinnaker
  • Gennaker
  • Code Zero

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