When looking for all-around strength and good value Dacron is the sailcloth of choice. Due to its longevity and resilience to most types of wear, this sailcloth is the most widely used. The sails are virtually unaffected by bending and folding forces, and are resistant to chafe which is convenient when it comes to overlapping genoas.

Nylon Spinnaker cloth is light weight and strong and when used in combination with the other sails will give you added down wind speed.

For this reason South East Asia Sails specializes in the manufacturing of Dacron cross-cut and radial sails and Nylon Spinnakers and Code 0s.


High-Tenacity Polyester Yarn (Dacron)

For Everyday Use & Bluewater Cruising

SEAS sails are made from high-tenacity polyester yarn woven sailcloth (Dacron). Weaved tightly to ensure it maintains good shape and holding with superior resistance to UV damage, flogging and chafe.


Low cost

Highly durable

Easy to handle

Shape retention


Rip-Stop Nylon

Strong & Flexible

SEAS Spinnaker are made from tightly woven Rip-Stop construction nylon, combined with Melamine impregnation and PU2 (polyurethane) coatings. This all round fabric offers unprecedented performance, tear resistance, low porosity and high water repellency.


Light weight.

Very stable

Exceptionally strong fiber for its weight

Will stretch substantially under load before breaking


Sauleda Sea Star

UV Resistant and Anti-mold

Sea Star is a high quality range of acrylic fabrics that gives an excellent performance in many applications in the nautical sector.
Its excellent properties make it the fabric of choice; for over thirty years there has been no other fabric that can compare,


Long life

Great resistance to UV radiation

Light weight

Ease of maintenance

Solution dyed Masacril acrylic



Solartex is a high quality PU coated polyester fabrics that offers great UV resistants in many applications in the nautical sector.

Its excellent properties make it easy to clean and maintain in addition to being extremly long-lasting and strong.



Dirt and water repellent

UV Resistant

Extremely long-lasting


Super Tramp

Smooth, strong and soft underfoot this Heavy Duty Trampoline material is perfect for round the word cruisers and day tripper.


Extremely strong polyester mesh.

UV and mildew inhibitors.

Suited to outdoor tensile structures where strength, durability and resistance to the elements are required.

Designed for industrial applications and as trampolines on bridgedeck catamarans.

Weight: 1017gsm