Standard Rig Catalina 22 Mainsail

Standard Rig Catalina 22 Mainsail


Cross Cut
High Quality 5 oz. Dacron with heavily reinforced corners
1 Row of Reef Points
Tell Tales, Leech Line and Sail Bag Included
Panels with 2 rows zig zag stiching
1 Year Warranty Meets Standard Rig Specs.
Battens not included

NOTE: Sail diagrams and sailing images shown are intended as general representations only. Actual details will vary.

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Offshore Cruising replacement mainsail.
This mainsail is made to the original factory specs and has one reef. It includes a composite headboard and Sail slugs on the luff. A leech line is built in to control trailing edge flutter and buzz.

Within 48 hours of confirmation of order/receipt of payment you will be contacted to re-confirm your order and sail dimensions/specifications. Until such a time that all is 100% you will be entitled to a full refund.

Delivery within 3 week.

If you are looking for another boat type. sail type (i.e. standard batten, high roach), any additions (radial cut, Cunningham, etc...) or anything else please contact us.