High Roach Cross Cut Hunter 27-3 Mainsail

High Roach Cross Cut Hunter 27-3 Mainsail


Cross Cut
High Quality 7 oz. Dacron with heavily reinforced corners
2 Rows of Reef Points
Tell Tales, Leech Line and Sail Bag Included
1 Year Warranty
Meets Standard Rig Specs
Battens not included

NOTE: Sail diagrams and sailing images shown are intended as general representations only. Actual details will vary.

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Offshore Cruising replacement mainsail.




1)         This mainsail is made to the original factory specs but is not class legal. It includes a composite headboard and Sail slugs/slides on the luff and leech line is built in to control trailing edge flutter and buzz.

2)         Sail weight is our recommended sail weight. Other weights are available. We have quoted U.S. weight. For example, 7 oz U.S. equals 9 oz British.

2)         Quotes are based on I,J,P and E. If you have not provided these measurements, we have selected them from a universal sailmakers database. Most vessels slightly vary from the sailmakers database and all measurements must be checked. Most variations do not effect the price.

3)         Unless otherwise stated Full Batten Mainsails come with Holt Nylon Batten Holders installed. Batten tensioning is on the leech end. If you are using another system, such as Harken, please advise. Full Batten Mainsails do not come with Battens. We offer an upgrade to other Batten holders and wheeled sliders, please ask if interested.

4)         Within 48 hours of confirmation of order/receipt of payment you will be contacted to re-confirm your order and sail dimensions/specifications. Until such a time that all is 100% you will be entitled to a full refund.

5)         Delivery within 3 week.

6)         If you are looking for another boat type. sail type (i.e. Standard Batten, Full Batten, High Roach, etc…), any additions (radial cut, Cunningham, etc...) or anything else please contact us.




50 percent down before we start and final balance when sails are ready for shipping. MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Paypal and International Wires are accepted. Lead time is approximately 4 weeks from receipt of order.


Sails are delivered to your door in most worldwide locations. In some out of the places, particularly South America, sails are delivered to the nearest International airport. If sails are to be delivered to nearest airport, we will advise on quote, otherwise, you can assume delivery to your door.


Sailcloth is selected on the basis of your sail dimensions and loads placed on the sail based on the aspect ratio of your vessel.


Unless otherwise stated all sails come with a sail bag, leach line and cam cleat (except high clew and storm wind sails). Main/Mizzen tacks and headsail clews come with leather protection and anodized aluminum headboards. Slides are webbed on to mainsail luffs and headsails come with luff tape for furlers or Piston Hanks with soft film chafe protectors for hank on sails. Sails have pressed alloy cringles of nickel-plated copper slide and hank eyelets. All Sails have clew patches, double tape along leech and foot and extra large patches at tack and clew. Holt, Bainbridge and Rutgerson sailmaking hardware is used as required. All sailmaking thread is of the highest quality. It is U/V stabilized, abrasion, salt water and mildew resistant, manufactured by San-Esu.


Special sail construction options are available. Please ask if you are interested. Once you make a deposit, we will gather your information in an easy to review chart. We will ask you to supply simple additional information that does not effect the price, but is needed to make your sail.


Please note; we require that all information be submitted to us via Email. Voice communication leads to errors, so please email your information to us.